Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Cents Are Spent

That being said, this is it. I'm "using up every last cent" at Mytwocents. I began this site once again 7 years back at the urging of my companion, Greg Linscott. (Much obliged concerning the push, Greg. Earnestly.) It's been fun, and infrequently, productive. Indeed, I've said some doltish things here. (In case you're pondering, blogging gives a Pulpit Committee bounty to consider amid the reviewing procedure.) But I've likewise developed as an essayist and as a Christian. Also along the way, I've made numerous companions here. A debt of gratitude is in order regarding perusing and communicating!

I'm turning my online thoughtfulness regarding, the service asset website that really developed out of MTC a couple of years prior. We're re-dispatching the site soon. (I'll proclaim the re-dispatch with a last post here.) The new site has a ton continuing, including a recently completed CD, a not-exactly completed Gospel Meditations portion, and all the songs and books from the current site. I'm likewise eager to affirm that it will likewise incorporate a site, where I'll group with a few likeminded companions to examine Christian living and service from a doxological, gospel-focused point of view. So I'm not resigning from blogging—simply moving, and getting some assistance.

The site group at the new CWM site will incorporate the accompanying: ministers Joe Tyrpak, Matt Hoskinson, and Danny Brooks; instructors Jim Newcomer, Sam Horn, and Paul Williams; and music priests Greg Habegger and Marc Rattray. A couple of others (counting companions included in missions and women's services) are as of now begging about taking part. It's a colossal gathering, and I'm regarded to work with them.

I can hardly wait. 

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